European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee

WG21 Terms of Reference

  1. To conduct an audit of existing and future accident data needs of the EEVC Working Groups to identify areas where poor quality information diminishes the value of accident and injury data and its subsequent analysis.
  2. To redress these deficiencies by obtaining better data and analysis from within or outside the EEVC countries, especially to make use of work of the EU-funded Pendant and SafetyNet projects.
  3. Through the analysis of existing accident databases make recommendations to the EEVC Steering Committee where future EEVC coordinated research could be undertaken, that would lead to reductions in both the number and severity of accidents and injury.
  4. Through the analysis of existing accident databases monitor developments in advanced safety systems, and attempt to determine their efficacy and deficiencies, in liaison with the other EEVC Working Groups, and report to the EEVC Steering Committee on a regular basis.
  5. Develop regular links with each of the EEVC Working Groups.

EEVC Steering Committee
16th October 2003

Explanatory notes

Some of the EEVC Working Groups may need targeted analyses at short notice. WG21 should be able to respond quickly to these needs as they arise. To facilitate such requirements close regular relationships must be developed with the other Working Groups, to the extent of having a WG21 member attend the Working Group or be a focal point of contact.

When studies of advanced safety systems have been undertaken deficiencies in the vehicle registration system have been noted, e.g. VIN, as it could be used to identify vehicles fitted with particular systems or compiling with safety standards. Recommendations for improvements to the VIN or other recording system could be proposed based on minimal 'cost of implementation and operation'.

WG21 should be fully aware of all existing Vehicle Standards and Regulations and through their accident data bases be able to comment on them including interactions.