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WG13 MDB test results

ECE Regulation 95 and EU Directive 96/27/EC describe a dynamic full-scale side impact test with an impact trolley, a Mobile Deformable Barrier (MDB), into the side of the target vehicle. The MDB comprises of a trolley with a deformable barrier face. The original MDB face was defined by dimensions together with force-deflection and energy dissipation requirements, when impacted into a six-element load cell wall.

Some automobile manufacturers reported problems due to the differing behaviour of the different side impact MDB faces designs, that claimed to meet the dynamic performance specifications detailed in the Regulation and Directive.

Following an evaluation of all the available MDB faces to the original specification, EEVC Working Group 13 recommended that a single specified design of MDB face should be adopted to reduce variability. A sub group of EEVC WG13, along with barrier manufacturers, was created to propose a MDB design specification based upon the ECE R95 performance specification but taking into account manufacturing considerations and the results of the WG13 barrier comparison programme. A validation programme was then undertaken to assess barriers built to the new draft design specification. This test programme showed that barriers built to the revised design specification were far more repeatable and reproducible than those complying with the original R95 performance specification, but that some minor modifications were needed, namely improvements in the bonding specification and material used for the front plate.

The validation tests included the flat rigid load cell wall test (FLW), the rigid sill loading test (RSL), the offset pole impact test (OPT), which had been performed during the original comparison programme and some full-scale side impact tests. Sample prototype MDB faces were obtained from two European manufacturers, one US manufacturer and one Japanese manufacturer. Although no further tests have been performed it was thought that production versions of the MDB faces, built to the final version of the design specification, would be even better than the prototype versions evaluated in this programme.

This document describes the final validation test programme, reviewing some of the pertinent observations and should be reviewed alongside the test data.

The results are published by EEVC WG13 with the full agreement of its members, to give computer modellers baseline data against which to build and validate models of the MDB face, now incorporated into ECE Regulation 95.

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Posted 23/07/2003