European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee

WG12 Information Page

WG12 “Adult Crash Dummies” is the longest running EEVC working group to date with involvement of governmental representatives and industrial experts of several Member States (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom).
The first meeting of WG12 was held in November 1990. Similar to other EEVC groups, the objective of WG12 has been to guide research and development of test methods, tools and requirements, in particular the design and development of a universally acceptable frontal dummy.
In later years, the mandate of WG12 has been widened, taking on board other crash dummy related topics such as the advancement of the EUROSID-2 and WorldSID dummies. Most recently, WG12 has cooperated with WG18 (Child Safety) and WG20 (Rear Impact Protection) on child dummies and injury criteria, and low-severity rear impact “Whiplash” dummies respectively. Consequently, WG12 has adopted the name “Biomechanics”.
For more information please contact the WG12 Secretary.