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WG05: Impact Test Procedures


On the basis of the findings of WG 3 and WG 4, this Workig Group identified the sort of test procedures which could be expected to produce an improved level of occupant protection, for both front and side impacts.

The final reports of WGs 1 to 5 allowed the EEVC to define, on the basis of European experience and technical knowledge, a sufficiently common view to provide an assessment of the future needs of car safety in Europe. Following this basic assessment, in the mid-1970s the EEVC turned its attention primarily to the fields of car occupant protection in side impact, and to pedestrian protection by improved design of the fronts of cars.

Publications produced by WG 5

  • Impact Test Procedures. EEVC (not published).
  • EEVC Status Report 1980. Proceedings of the Eighth E5V Conference, Wolfsburg, October 1980.