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WG16: Frontal Crash Prot.

Terms of Reference

  1. To organise and co-ordinate the EEVC contributions to the IHRA international working group on Advanced Offset Frontal Crash Protection for which Europe has responsibility.
  2. To collate the available scientific data needed to support the IHRA studies and to initiate and co-ordinate research needed to provide the scientific background where this information is not currently available, especially looking at the potential benefits of adding a full frontal impact test reflecting the IHRA discussion. This relates to the topics for which EEVC has scientific competence. WG 16 will take into account the recommendations of other EEVC working groups (in particular WG 15 Car Compatibility and WG 12 Advanced Frontal Dummy) and of acknowledged experts, as needed.
  3. To study the potential of technical means to increase the use of seat belts in cars and to propose specifications for such systems. Reminder systems are of special interest for this work. This work should be reported to the EEVC Steering Committee by summer 2001.
  4. To provide continuing support for the EC frontal impact directive review, as and when appropriate, only if requested by EC.